One of the four premier Research Institutions of India that has been recognized by Govt of India as Shodha Sansthan or Centre For Excellence in Sanskrit Research.
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), NewDelhi (the world's largest open university) offers CIF's 'Easy Sanskrit Course' as its Certificate Course. More such courses are in the offing.
Currently developing a software for Natural Language Processing using Paniniyan Principles of Sanskrit Grammar in collaboration with University of Hyderabad and International Institute of Information Technology.*
Offers Postal and Online Vedanta and Sanskrit Courses.
Publication of rare Sanskrit and philosophical works like Holy Gita Ready Reference, Ishwaradarshanam, Sri Ramajatakam, Gitanjali, Suktisudha and so on.
Student friendly commentary on the Brahmasutra.*
Preservation and digitalisation of Sanskrit Manuscripts.*
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