The estimated project cost is INR 20 crores or approx USD4 million. Consisting chiefly of construction cost, members are invited to donate in units or towards a facility (as shown in table).
In order to enable more people to donate , we have a menu of two broad options to choose from: Bhu Daana and Maha Daana.
  The total construction cost of INR 20 Crores or USD 4 Million is over an area of 160,000 Sq.Ft.of land. You may donate the construction cost of one or more square feet of land at INR 1000/ USD 20 per square feet.
  Within this are two options :
The total construction cost has been broken into 2000 'units' of INR 1,00,000 (USD 2000) each. The donating family's name will be embossed on a specified wall as a fond reminder of their support to enable Pujya Gurudev's vision.
Alternatively, donations can be made by segments of facilities, as mentioned against the facility below.
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Donation procedure
  * The project cost is fixed at the rupee value. For convenience of calculation, dollar rate is taken as Rs. 50 per US$.

Note: If you wish to dedicate your offering in the name or memory of someone, kindly email all the details to
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